Transit media Capture moving crowd

This its kind of own media which attracts users to view the ads in there move, mobile van, bus branding, auto branding, train and metro station brand and many more options across india available

bus branding


When your advertisement is on the side of the bus, everyone is going to be exposed to your brand. A full bus wrap is going to make the ultimate statement and thousands of people are going to see if you are looking for an affordable and reliable way to market your business, you might want to consider bus advertising. 

mobile van advertising


Mobile Van advertising in India is done by fixing illuminated billboard on a truck which moves around the city and can be parked at targeted places. Mobile Van advertising is an extremely effective mode to reach various audience due to mobility, illumination and the ability to conveniently shift the locations as per the client's requirement.

auto branding

Autorickshaw Branding

Auto advertising is gaining its prominence because of its ability to be more localized and its reach to every corner of the city. 
Some Statistics:
• Auto's ply on an average 10/12 hrs. a day.
• Auto rickshaw travels at least 100 Km’s per day.
• Cost per unique impression is less than any other media. 

railway station


Best place to reach the audience is Metro or railway stations where constant lakhs of foot falls happen every day. You can be sure that your message is seen and repeated enough to breed familiarity. Thus enhancing brand awareness and ultimately gets you what matters – more sales. 70% of the commuters are long distance travelers as they spent more than 30 minutes at stations waiting and 30% spend 10 – 30 min. as they cover shorter distances, it’s primarily used to reach work place or to reach college. 

taxi branding


Advertisements in Taxis are extremely effective as they have a high viewing ratio, because of the cab’s high mobility. Ads that appear on the outer body of the cab cajoles people on the streets and junctions as it travels to major consumption areas like airports, railway stations, restaurants, offices and point of purchase locations like salons, malls, etc. Inside branding in cabs again keep your brand’s message with the traveller throughout the time of the travel. Both lead to better brand recognition and brand recall. 

contaner branding

Cantainer Branding

Advertisements on big containers are extremely effective as they have a high viewing ratio, because of its movement to long distances. Ads that appear on the outer body of the containers catches people eyes very easily on city roads and highways. Due to its large area of branding which can catch any eyes from a distance keeping your brand’s message with the traveller throughout the time of the travel? Both leading to better brand recognition and brand recall. As an advertiser, you can be sure to grab eye balls of travellers by branding on containers.

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