Movie hall advertising
Cinema theatre screen Ads

Cinema theatre screen advertising is essential in India due to its ability to captivate a large and diverse audience, offering targeted demographics, high engagement, and an immersive experience. It complements other marketing channels, enhances brand image, and allows for regional targeting, making it a valuable component of any advertising strategy.

IT Park Advertising
IT Park / Corporate office inside Advertising

Advertising within IT parks and corporate offices in India is crucial for brands as it provides access to a targeted audience of professionals, high footfall, and extended dwell time. It enhances brand image, association with innovation, and offers opportunities for networking and employee engagement, making it an essential component of any marketing strategy.

Mall and super market advertising
Mall & super Market Adverting options

Brands should engage in mall and supermarket advertising to reach a captive audience, influence purchase decisions, increase brand visibility, and enhance brand association in a high-traffic retail environment.

Metro Train Inside
Metro Train Inside & Metro station Advertising 

Brands should invest in metro train inside and metro station advertising to reach a captive audience of commuters, enhance brand visibility, and establish meaningful connections in urban environments.

Indoor Advertising


Our array of services provides an essential diverse spectrum of choices for any brand to explore a wide range of OOH media options. Our advertising media not only captures our client's consumer attention but also compels it. We have high-traffic location-based advertising Medias, providing brands a strategic edge to promote brands' businesses. Explore a glimpse of our wide range of pivotal services below and for a deeper insight, you can navigate through our website. 
Airport Advertising
Airport Advertising (Digital & Static Screens) 

Explore our dynamic airport advertising solutions, including trolley, bus, terminal, and inflight options. Partner with us for effective, lasting impressions in airports - your trusted leader in airport advertising! Discover Advertising Opportunities Across Our Networked Airports

Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor Advertising (Large OOH Media & Digital Boards)

We offer a comprehensive range of outdoor advertising services, including but not limited to billboards, hoardings, transit advertising, digital screens, mobile billboards, metro train wraps, mobile van advertising, bus shelter advertising, and much more.

Indoor Advertising
Indoor Advertising (Digital & Static Screens)   

Our indoor services cover a wide spectrum, including digital displays in apartment lift areas, advertising options within IT parks, indoor advertising opportunities in malls and cinemas, as well as advertising in bars and restaurants. We cater to diverse clients and offer various other media options to meet their needs

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